“Alison taught African Dance on the Two Year Rep Actor Training programme at Fourth Monkey for one year.  Alison inaugurated the African Dance component of the course and worked with the students beautifully – clear, direct, fun and rich with content and information.  The students came to her classes with a variety of experience in movement-based work and dance.  Alison approached the teaching with rigour and passion; she worked hard to help the students feel their bodies in the movement, but to also have fun and create story in and through dance. I would recommend Alison as a teacher without hesitation.”

Fourth Monkey Angela Gasparetto

Adult Education


Afro Contemporary Dance Workshop
New Life Church North London

2014 -2016

City Lit:

Dance Lecture
Afro Contemporary Dance, Floor Barre, Contemporary Dance and Jazz

Dance Works (London):
Afro contemporary Dance Classes

2015 -16

Fourth Monkey Theatre (London)
Afro Contemporary Dance for Actors

2009 -10

Afro Contemporary Dance Workshop Afro Dance Xplosion
Islington Arts Factory

Alison Ray's Dance Company Ltd