2019/Present Day

Unknown Soldier Extract

The Unknown Soldier was scheduled to be performed at the Black Cultural Archive. The work recount the various stories of the Men and Women of Black British Heritage who fought in the WW1 and WW11. We use the medium of Interdisciplinary Arts: Dance, Theatre, live Music and the visual Arts capture the their participation from Britain, Caribbean and Africa.

Unknown Soldier Performance at The Dugdale Theatre Oct 2019 with Artists: Theophilous Alade, Laverne Wynter, Rabimsha and Elle-Imani Baglira
Performance of extract of “Unknown Soldier” performed at ADX @ Rich Mix 18th October 2019
Artist: Theophilous Alade, Laverne Wynter, Ra Bimsha and Elle-Imani Baglira

The Unknown Soldier: The project explores the lives of Black British War Veterans during WW1 & WW11. Dancers: Theophilous Alade and Laverne Wynter, Musicians: Ra Bimsha and Elle-Imani Baglira


Resonance of Water:

Her MA project was a research project exploring the “Image and the live Body,” in collaboration with Wayne Binitie.

Dancers: Aaron Chaplin and Viola Derrico

Performed at Trinity Laban (Bonnie Bird Theatre)



“Dance and Perception”  Explores the similarities and differences between dancers of different dance styles and their backgrounds.

Choreographers: Alison Ray
Dancers: Lewis Rhomes , Michelle Buckley and Alison Ray
Performance: Sept 2016 Afro Dance Xplosion South Bank
April 2015 Serendipity Leicester BHM Live

Alison Ray’s performance work, “Dance and Perception”, encapsulates the essence of a shared movement narrative and it’s re-translation, through the dance experience of three performers, who specialise in a variety of styles ranging from ballet and hip hop to African and contemporary dance genres. It is their individual and collective unity of performance that makes this work intriguing and dynamic to watch; wonderful sections of duet and trio motifs fill the stage, and opportune the use of repetition of movement  vocabulary that frames a sense of individual/togetherness. An exciting and engaging piece of work that showcases the talents and versatility of the artists, whilst unfolding wider questions about identity and the perception of culture in today’s society. 

Lisa Nkrumah-Mweu | North Programmer
The Association of Dance of the African Diaspora
Dancers: Lewis Rhomes, Alison Ray MA and Michelle Buckley


“What lies beneath our feet” Choreography by Alison Ray, Music by Wayne Binitie & Michael Ray, Dancer: Laverne Wynter, Theophlious Alade, and Alison Ray

2nd-3rd August 2014  Edinburgh Fringe festival  ”What lies beneath our feet”  @ Spotlite Theatre Hanover Edinburgh

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him.”

Romans 15:13

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