Alison set up her company as she recognises a need to create and express her movement ideas though a realm of movement structures using, Contemporary, African, Street dance, urban, etc. She is also interested in combining movement with technology.


Her present work is being developed at present but there is an extract below:

Alison Ray’s Dance Company Presents “What lies beneath our feet”

Choreographer: Alison Ray
Music: Michael Ray, Wayne Binitie
Dancers: Lavern Wynter, Theodphilous Alade, and Alison ray
Length: 10mins


The piece is about the relationships human beings create, identifying love, hate, conflict, and reconciliation within a limited space. The style of movement is within a contemporary setting, using styles of Contemporary and African dance. The piece also identifies the power struggles between couples. And the subsequent effect this can have on relationships, as this miscommunication takes the couple on a journey of discovery and transformation.

Alison Ray's Dance Company Ltd